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What is the SOS Amazonas Campaign - Flight Operations?

The SOS Amazonas Campaign – Flight Operations has as its main goal to make possible the transport of oxygen cylinders to the interior of the state of Amazonas and help support the logistics of people who are in an emergency state and need to be urgently removed via Aeromedical ICU from their cities/communities to places with better resources available for treatment.

Download Project PDF.

Download Project PDF.


Márcio Rempel

How do we do it?

The Missão do Céu (Mission of Heaven) is one of those responsible for the project and the outreach campaign through social media and hotsite created

Together with its partners, MDC has made available its crew and team of volunteers, as well as part of its financial resources reallocated in the budget to meet the emergency demands.

Support groups have been organized by MDC both in the operation of flights, as well as in the distribution and organization of shipments of oxygen cylinders that go towards the Interior of Amazonas.


Av. Professor Nilton Lins, 300, Hangar H – Flores, 69058-030, Manaus – AM – Brazil.

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