Evangelism and Church planting

Ceifeiros (Harvesters)

What is Harvesters?

Harvesters Ministries (https://harvestersministries.com/en/home) is a global church planting ministry that aims to open the way for the world to know Jesus. Participating in Harvesters are qualified local pastors, who are called Base or Core Leaders, who have an evangelical faith, with a high regard for the Scriptures and a passion for the Great Commission; they are trained in evangelism, discipleship, rapid church multiplication, and pastoral training.

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Arthur Cavichiolli


How do we do it?

Reapers train local believers who feel called to pastor a new community, usually in their home language and within a day’s drive of their church. All teachers are 5 volunteers and the training and materials are free. The Reapers work outside denominational boundaries.


Av. Professor Nilton Lins, 455  Flores – 69058-030, Manaus – AM – Brazil.

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