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What is the Cartão do Céu?

The Cartão do Céu is a memory card (SD-Card) with the complete NTLH Bible in audio and a collection of 1300 hours of programs from the Voice of the Andes – HCJB radio, with several themes:

Discipleship, child-rearing, Bible study, marriage, video of the Jesus movie. It can be used on cell phones and other devices compatible with reading SD-Cards.

Download the PDF of the project.


Pr. Airton Silva

(92) 99336-4234


We know that faith comes by hearing. And, making the Gospel available to people who live in hard-to-access places is a great challenge, so, this evangelistic tool is aimed at groups of oral tradition, non-literate or with difficulties in reading and/or understanding a written message.

It is known that a large part of the Amazon population, even in the interior, has access to devices compatible with reading SD-Cards, and it is common to use these media even where there is no cell phone/internet signal available. Therefore, this evangelistic tool becomes very useful for missionaries to reach the populations in isolated areas in the Amazon window.


Av Professor Nilton Lins, 455  Flores – 69058-030, Manaus – AM – Brazil.

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