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I-FIX Brazil

What is I-FIX Brazil?

I-FIX Brazil proposes basic and contextualized training for the maintenance of the Amazon People’s daily motors, such as: boat motors, chainsaws, generators, etc.

It is directed to people involved in the propagation of the Gospel. This project is the result of a partnership with ITEC Indigenous People’s Technology and Education Center.

The I-FIX Brazil training is useful as a tool, in building trust, in the relationships created during the maintenance of the equipment in the daily life of the communities.

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Victor Duck

How do we do it?

The I-FIX Brazil training is destined to people involved in the proclamation of the Gospel, as well as those served and reached by them. The project consists of 5 days of theoretical and practical classes on preventive and corrective maintenance of: outboard motors, stationary engines, chainsaws, generators, motorcycle engines, and basic electricity.

In principle, the students’ own equipment is used for the training. The training is given in a simple, accessible and contextualized way, with didactic material that is very illustrative and adequate to the participants’ instructional reality.

This project will be developed, preferably, in regions of difficult access, where this training demonstrates greater impact on the proclamation of the Gospel.


Av. Professor Nilton Lins, 300, Hangar H – Flores, 69058-030, Manaus – AM – Brazil.

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