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2020 Annual Report – MDC

  • Post published:30 de June de 2021

The Lord is good, the Lord is faithful!

It was a year of many challenges, trials and prayers, but the Lord remained at the center of everything. The detailed report regarding all the acts performed by God, through us, in the past year is available for access. In this report, there is main information about all activities, missions, objectives achieved, collections, expenses and the service process that Mission of Heaven developed in the year 2020.

 As already mentioned, it was a year of much battle and through joint action and union, not only by the team, but also by the Mission’s collaborators and supporters, we were able to reach the goal of solving the issue of viability for the donated and separate inputs for COVID- 19 treatments, which became the main target for the pandemic year. In addition, other projects were watered and continued by MDC! Campaigns for the distribution of food baskets in communities and in the countryside of the Amazon, social development projects planted in previous years until the feat to combat and alleviate the effects of COVID-19 in difficult-to-access regions of the Amazon formed the purpose of the Mission of Heaven that year, which remained blessed and managed to carry out the activities planned for 2020.

Check out more details about each completed action and the process for spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ in Mission of Heaven 2020 Report available for access. Mission of Heaven taking the gospel further!